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Crowded Out



I recently visited Prairie Creek State Park and found it to be more overcrowded than I had ever seen it to be in many years of going there (NCJ Daily Online, July 30). Trails had numbers of people passing each other and most were not wearing masks. I strongly would recommend that the number of people in the park be limited.

On the way home we were going to stop in Trinidad but found it to be so jammed with tourists that we quickly changed our minds. The parking lot at the state beach was absolutely packed, the stores were all open and all packed with people. Few people had on masks; social distancing was impossible. It is no surprise that the COVID numbers have gone up.

Tourists are pouring in and nothing is being done about it by the town of Trinidad or the park system. Congress and our president are busy giving money to corporate interests and the Pentagon, so people are desperate to keep stores open and money coming in and people will die because of that.

Is there nothing that our political leaders can do to protect the county from the massive influx of tourists who are bringing the virus with them and don't seem to find it necessary to even wear a mask?

Sylvia De Rooy, Indianola

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