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The "F-bomb" in a headline? I was disappointed to once again see the use of expletives in the NCJ a few weeks back ("Fucking Rich People," Aug. 29). The review was by Jennifer Fumiko Cahill, a superb writer, but the headline was distracting. Unfortunately, NCJ allows profanity to crop up in articles. I am talking about the "seven dirty words" George Carlin so effectively lampooned in the 1970s. It debases your otherwise high standards for journalism.

First of all, those four-letter-words are offensive. Why alienate people when it isn't needed? And if you think it makes you sound hip or folksy, then that is just pathetic. But more importantly, using cuss words in writing is just plain lazy. The English language has much beauty and ingenuity. The NCJ has great writers. You can do better.

Keep it clean, please.

Amy Dillon Sewell, Eureka

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