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The Journal doesn't endorse. That's fine. Me? I'm for AK4DA: Adrian Kamada for district attorney. You'll see it in my lawn signs.

But please, look beyond the candidates' signs. It's serious deciding whose leadership will best safeguard our community, ensure crimes are properly investigated and prosecuted, and help restore lives affected by crime.

Open your mind. Examine candidates' plans. Watch them share a stage: tinyurl.com/DAforum-Mattole. Beware of false claims. Don't just count years at the office; find evidence of independence, toughness, smarts, vision, integrity.

Then it'll become clear: Kamada is aboveboard, straightforward and better prepared to help prosecutors prepare stronger cases. With innovative, efficient approaches to low-level first offenders, he'll reduce non-violent crime. That will increase resources to prosecute violent crime more effectively. The DA will be more accountable than ever.

So, visit www.AK4DA.com. If you like what you find, plant a KAMADA sign. It's easy to stand behind.

 Sean Kearns, Arcata

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