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'Divisive Demonstrations'



The divisive demonstrations by some students on the Cal Poly Humboldt campus are very disconcerting and unnecessary (NCJ Daily, April 25).

I encourage CPH students to investigate this long list of Israeli/Palestinian peace groups. These are ordinary people on both sides of the border working tirelessly in their communities and across divides to achieve peace and independence for Israelis and Palestinians. These people set an example to look past divisive "us versus them" thinking and to search for common ground: Alliance for Middle East Peace, Combatants for Peace, Israel/Palestine, Standing Together, Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Araba Education in Israel, EcoPeace Middle East, Women Wage Peace/Women of the Sun, Salaam Shalom Kitchen, Road to Recovery, Peace Now, Women Wage Peace and Children of Peace.

In addition, I don't know how to adequately describe the irony that this current conflict is happening in the holy Land and that a peace agreement was made back in 1994 at the Oslo Peace Accords.

Carman Gentile, Arcata

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