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Regarding the July 16 story "Closed ... Again," I fear that we are doomed. 

I had to use the Burree Laundromat yesterday. Despite big signs on both sets of doors, and an attendant who tried to enforce it, five customers blundered in while I was there (perhaps two hours in duration) without any mask, or one drooped below the nose. One said she didn't care when challenged to adjust hers to cover her huge proboscis! 

Later that afternoon, I cut through the basketball courts in Hammond Park (14th and F streets) and was amazed to see a half dozen adult men, mostly in their 50s or older, coaching teams of five teen girls each in close contact ball plays. When you add in the 10 late teen boys playing full court along side them, about 40 folks were on the courts, and perhaps six to eight had masks on, or even in evidence. I confronted one older coach about the legality of this, and he said it's OK if you have a mask on, and he withdrew one from his pocket and put it on. His young charges stood there without responding at all! I called 911, was told that they were already responding to a previous complaint call and that I'd receive a call-back to report the outcome. No return call was made to me.

Finally, today in my community garden, a young mother and her toddler mixed in close contact with another garden member and her dog, none with a mask on and in clear violation of social distancing. Expect many more local cases reported, and local businesses re-shuttered again and again before this global pandemic finally subsides.

Fred Krissman, Eureka


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