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'Earth on Top'



In Arcata, volunteers are circulating petitions to place an initiative on the November ballot, requiring the city of Arcata to fly the Earth flag at the top of all city-owned flagpoles, above the U.S. and California flags. We have about 1,300 signatures but need several hundred more.

Questions we've been asked:

Isn't this just symbolic? Yes, it is symbolic. Flags are symbols. We must prioritize the health of the Earth over nationalism.

Why bother with this effort when there are so many other important causes? We can support both this and other causes.

What about the Flag Code? The Code is purely advisory.

If you support this project, please look for volunteers and sign the petition, or drop by Solutions, on the Plaza in Arcata at 858 G St., to sign.

Put the Earth on Top!

Dave Meserve, Arcata

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