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'Extremely Shady'



Great article by Thadeus Greenson about the extremely shady deal where a mysterious group of investors who definitely, swear to God, have no connection to Rob Arkley, are in contract to buy the Jacobs School site for 50 percent more than the CHP had offered ("Spokespeople Mum as to Who is Behind Mystery Offer for Eureka Schools' Jacobs Property," Feb. 1). I especially love that the spokesperson for the mystery investors, Sara Lee, offers the half-baked excuse that she can't say who they are because of "attorney-client privilege."

My other favorite bits are that the mysterious investors have apparently locked down the $6 million deal with a fully refundable deposit of a mere $1,000, and that the same "San Diego attorney," Mr. Johnson, who filed Security National's lawsuit to block the parking lot conversion plan for Old Town also happens, by pure coincidence, to represent the people trying to buy the Jacobs Property. So, as I read it, the unidentified investors, who definitely don't include Rob Arkley, could back out of the deal at a cost of only $1000 after coincidentally providing the proponents of the Housing for All initiative with the great talking point that we don't need to pave the parking lots to build housing, because we'll build so much at the Jacobs site. How could anyone say that sounds phony?

Bill Hassler, Mckinleyville

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