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'Extremist Views'



The letter by Rick Brennan ('Manipulated,' Aug. 30) seems to turn the facts on their head.  He has taken everything that could be reasonably attributed to right-wing positions and leveled them against the left. How can he twist things so egregiously? For example, how does he reconcile previous Republican animosities toward Russia with his new Putin sycophancy? Did Putin turn in his horns for wings? Has the Beast from the East stopped assassinating opponents and turned his regime into a paragon of hysterical — I mean historical — purity?

We can go on like this for years — or at least until the evidence overwhelms cast-in-concrete thinking that ignores what Trump/Bannon has called "the deconstruction of the administrative state," meaning, for those who've not reached the sixth grade, doing away with the Constitution. What has Trump done other than to embarrass this country throughout the world?

Brennan is right that the catalog of horrors he provides could hasten "the end of the United States." He is dead wrong in attributing these extremist views to any other than the far-right!

Larry Hourany, McKinleyville

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