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Fairly Loud



 Concerning Ferndale Fair Board's plans to use county property for motor sports, the Humboldt County Planning Commission must require a thorough — absolutely comprehensive — acoustical Environmental Impact Report. The report must rigorously explore the considerable effects of such activities on the entire town, not just the neighborhoods immediately adjacent to the racetrack.

 The hills above Ferndale at the south end of Main Street act acoustically as a concert shell (as at Hollywood Bowl) that magnifies and intensifies sound waves, redirecting increased high decibel noise back across the whole community, i.e., all of the homes and businesses in Ferndale.

Large raucous motor sport events generating drone-like noise during daylight hours and well into the evening will rob the community of a right to peace and quiet.

 The county fair board has brought economic disaster upon itself (NCJ Daily, May 21). Ferndale's citizens are under no obligation to pay dearly for the board's failures.

Jere Bob Bowden, Ferndale

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