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'Far Sleazier'



I realize that there have been a lot of complaints about the Lucky Strike ad in the NCJ, however, compared to your cover story last week, "Carrots, Sticks and Jabs," the cigarette ad seems wholesome and honest by comparison. The ad at least contained a portion of the Surgeon General's warning, which was more science than your cover story contained. The ad's appeal is more honest too. It simply touts the products attributes. Nowhere in the ad do they smear non-smokers as radical, anti-social or irresponsible, nor does the ad suggest coercive measures be taken to force non-smokers to smoke Luckies.

In fact, your cover story was far sleazier and more one-sided than any cigarette ad I have ever seen. There's a place for sleazy, one-sided propaganda designed to marginalize and dehumanize people who oppose government policy. That place is North Korea, not the North Coast. Make no mistake about it, smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. Unfortunately, the same can now be said for reading the North Coast Journal.

John Hardin, Redway

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