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'Football Needs to Die a Natural Death'

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I played football in eighth, ninth and 10th grades. It hurt. A lot. I suffered at least one concussion, probably several, not to mention the pounding of internal organs and the violent twisting of spine and limbs.

In coverage of HSU football's demise (NCJ Daily, July 19), I have so far seen no mention of the proven and often severe harm caused by football, particularly cumulative brain injury. I see the local sadness, as if we're losing an old friend, but sometimes it's healthy to cut ties with old friends. I am concerned about the current upheaval for athletes who came here expecting to play and about the local loss of racial diversity that this will likely cause.

But there are many other sports in which young people can develop the important skills of teamwork and athleticism. It does not speak well of our nation that we are so enthralled by this brutal spectacle, the modern version of the gladiators. American football needs to die a natural death.

— Brian Julian, Blue Lake



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