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Gateway Concerns



After looking over the draft development plans for the proposed Gateway project, I was immediately opposed to the idea of eight-story apartments looming over the Arcata Bottoms, an area of known geological hazards, as well as tsunami and storm surges exacerbated by sea level rise. Bob McPherson described those in stark terms in his thoughtful letter to the editor some weeks ago (Mailbox, Feb. 10).

Several colleagues also enlightened me to the city's poorly executed planning process, a process where much was done without much opportunity for community input. This is contrary to how my beloved city has handled things in the past and very disappointing. 

But the clincher was the immensely enlightening letter ("Audit") by Dr. Andrea Tuttle, a much respected researcher and supporter of our community and how we wend our way through the inevitable growing pains of increasing population. Her insights demand re-evaluation and extensive revision of the awful plan put forward by city staff. Here is a link to Dr. Tuttle's letter: www.madriverunion.com/articles/a-detailed-audit-of-the-draft-gateway-area-plan/. I urge all residents to read this letter for a comprehensive understanding of the ramifications of the Gateway plan in its present form.

Randy Klein, Arcata

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