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Grow Responsibly!



As one who walks the marsh, I have a chance to ponder sea level rise daily. Recently, with the unusually high tides and heavy rains, water laps at the paths' edges often. I imagine a time when the paths will be under water, as will parts of U.S. Highway 101, Old Arcata Road and many more of our roads. We see flooding in many places that are not ordinarily under water for such long periods of time.

Those living on Howard Heights Road in Freshwater have been flooded three times over the past two weeks, preventing them from leaving except by canoe. Will we all be canoeing to get from point A to point B as they are? We know there is a housing crisis, but there is a climate crisis, as well ("'Time is Running Out,'" Nov. 10). In addition to sea level rise, we now have atmospheric rivers that threaten us. The Arcata Planning Commission continues to be laser focused on the Gateway Plan. Sea level rise is just one issue our community has with this plan. Equally important is fire protection for the community. I urge you to watch the Jan. 10 Planning Commission Meeting (youtube.com/watch?v=Fhx-K_VyCs8on). The Arcata Fire Protection District lays out precisely why they do not have the manpower or equipment to adequately protect our community now ("'Chipping Away,'" Sept. 1). "Not one more Sorrel!" they stated emphatically in their presentation (referring to the newest four-story building in Arcata). Please, protect our community from climate change! Grow but responsibly!

Lee Torrence, Arcata

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