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Our political parties have morphed into socialist/free enterprise, pro-America/anti-America, liberty/tyranny groupings (Mailbox, March 7). The Democrat party has turned hard left to please what they hope is the socialist majority of our country. Our unbiased media wasted no time promoting the "fresh faces" with their "new" policies. With words at a premium, let's look at a few of the whos and whats the media has picked for you.

Democratic representatives Omar and Tlaib refuse to acknowledge Israel's existence and question aid to our ally, displaying antisemitism is in full bloom in our Congress. These ladies have no problem headlining a fundraiser when asked by CAIR National Outreach Manager Jinan Shbat, who supports the terrorist group Hamas. Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris won't confirm eminently qualified judicial Catholic candidates and discriminates against any pro-life candidates for confirmations. Judiciary Committee Chair Democrat Representative Cummings just voted against notifying ICE when an illegal alien fails a background check to buy a gun.

The media's darling-of-the-moment, Democrat Representative Alexanderia Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), authored the New Green Deal (NGD) which many economists say would completely destroy our country's economy. AOC, who graduated with an economics degree, would eliminate planes, combustion engines, retrofit every building in the U.S., pay people who refuse work, and on and on. AOC's deal would cost $93 trillion over 10 years. AOC also stated, as Dr. Erlich did in 1968, that we'll be dead in 12 years because of climate change.

New York's Democrat controlled Legislature passed with thunderous applause an abortion bill that permits an abortion up to the date of birth by "health-care practitioners;" a doctor is not needed. Virginia Democrat Katy Tran introduced a bill that would allow an abortion up to and including full dilation. But as usual our "press" hardly noticed Virginia's barbarian abortion bill; doesn't fit their narrative. Peachy!!! 

Rick Brennan, Eureka

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