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'He Needs to Resign'



In your article about Arcata City Councilmember Brett Watson seeking re-election ("'Outcry,'" Sept. 8), he says: "I believe it's important to challenge the assumption that support for my campaign is defined by who has time to email their council member or attend a public meeting." This dismissiveness toward people who took the time to email him or to speak at public meetings about his sexual harassment of a city staff member is astonishing.

As I mentioned in my own (May 18) letter to Mr. Watson, the 600-page report unequivocally supports the staff member's claims about sexual harassment. The pages of Mr. Watson's texts to the staff member are both obsessive and disturbing. The public has also been privy to Mr. Watson's ongoing antagonism toward staff in city council meetings, as he pulled consent calendar items only to berate people and flex his own ego.

He needs to resign.

Erin Kelly, Eureka

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