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HSU's Obligation



The recent shuttering of KHSU is reflective of a much larger problem with the administration of Humboldt State University. Specifically, a palpable disconnect with the Humboldt county community ("Good Night and Good Luck," April 18).

Most of us are aware of the unresolved homicide of Josiah Lawson.

Does not HSU have any obligation; if not a moral one then at least a pragmatic one, to ensure justice?

HSU has had a relatively steep decline in enrollment in recent years. Although this decrease can't be attributed directly to this student's murder, since a sizable percentage of new students are being recruited from Southern California, including many African-American students, doesn't the university have an interest in altering the perception that Arcata — and Humboldt County at large — may in fact, not be such a great fit for them to attend school.

When a parent sends their newly-minted high school graduate off to college, they do so with the knowledge that there is an environment of safety, somewhat ensured by the administration. This legal responsibility is known as due diligence. Since the murder of Josiah was committed off-campus, is HSU off the hook for this responsibility? I think not!

If HSU was truly connected to the community at large, it would be taking active steps toward the resolution of this murder. Couldn't the president of HSU, through the state chancellor's office, state political representatives or some other behind the scenes means, petition/demand that the state Department of Justice, with the sophisticated resources at its avail, get involved ASAP in this investigation ... since local law enforcement authorities are obviously unable to perform.

Why has HSU President Lisa Rossbacher not taken these steps during the past two years?

Elliot Levin, Trinidad

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