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I Marched



Today I marched with my daughter, granddaughter and sister (NCJ Daily, Jan. 25). We were proud to join women and men from my small county who share my horror at this presidency. I've felt helpless and depressed; marching was something I could do. Feeling finally empowered, I walked up F street toward my car with my sister and our protest posters. I was heckled; I dared carry a Hillary sign. I wanted Bernie, too, but ... 

Someone in a car on Fifth Street shouted something. They circled around, and on Sixth Street they hollered out again, "She should be in jail." OK, I thought, that's your ill-informed opinion. Immediately before me was a motorcycle event with rows of beautifully polished large bikes. Some of the guys there nodded in either approval or acknowledgement. I slowed to admire an orange bike but the owner said, "Hillary needs a bullet in her head." Then he said, either she (Hillary) or I was a "C" word!

Misogyny is alive and well in Humboldt. I got to the car feeling defeated again. Now, I'm angry and looking for a constructive outlet.

Cheri Ward, Eureka

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