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'Impeach This Monster'



The Mueller report clearly documented at least 10 instances of obstruction of justice by Trump, yet some of his supporters still try to downplay the obvious criminal behavior of this president (Mailbox, Sept. 5). It is amazing how people still support a president who lies every single time he opens his mouth (more than 13,000, at a recent count). He is a pathological liar, a con man and is only interested in enriching himself. He has a long history of failed business dealings including stiffing workers for pay and five bankruptcies. Besides his racist behavior and attacks on women, how can people who call themselves Christian justify the lack of moral principles he shows every single day?

Our government is operating on a shoestring by wholly unqualified people and scientists are being fired and silenced as we see more environmental destruction being approved for the greedy fossil fuel industry to help themselves. Refugees are being locked in concentration camps, causing massive trauma and death. This is a dark stain on our country that will forever be a shameful part of our history. We must impeach this monster moron of a president and move toward restoring our dignity and unity.

Martha Johnson, Eureka

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