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In Defense of Yeo



A letters submission took issue with Journal Setlist columnist Collin Yeo's politics, as well as implying that Mr. Yeo's knowledge and recommendations for local music were suspect(Mailbox, Nov. 14).

My eyebrows were raised at Collin's "chimera" of Russian interference quote in a recent column, as well ("Loving the Alien," Nov. 7). That said, Mr. Yeo's Setlist column and music notes do a great service in promoting local live music. All kinds of music, including rock, punk, reggae, jazz, county, etc., are mentioned and covered. To suggest his coverage is exclusively of "tone deaf, neo yuppie punk bands" seems to insult all Humboldt County live music musicians. I can personally attest that the Humboldt County (population 136,000) music scene is superior, and by significant margin, than San Mateo County (population 727,000). How would I know? Besides the 62 years of residence, 50-plus years as a musician, and doing hundreds of professional gigs there and all over the Bay Area, you ask?

Coverage of all the myriad genres of local music in Setlist can be easily demonstrated. I get that the gross oversimplification by the letters submission of Mr. Yeo's music coverage was actually dissatisfaction with his vocal left wing politics. I've chided Collin for the same reason, but not for his ears or dedication to the entire local live music scene.

By the way, the Nov. 14 edition of NCJ Setlist ("To Autumn") includes a beautifully constructed paean to autumn. Nary a word of politics. It is obvious that Mr. Yeo is a fine writer, and an asset to the NCJ.

John Dillon, Eureka

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