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'Integrity and Strength'



On behalf of the Ladies of the CAB and Friends of KHSU, we thank members of the Humboldt State University Academic Senate.

To the following members of the Academic Senate, thank you for your demonstration of integrity and strength of character (NCJ Daily, April 25). The resolution presented and the stand you all have taken demonstrates courage, collaboration and commitment to community.

As we all know what has happened in regards to KHSU is a systemic problem bigger than just the community radio station.

By taking the stand and making the statement, you have put leadership on notice that we stand together for what is the good for all.

Thank you to Sarah Bacio, Stephanie Burkhalter, Renee Byrd, Mary Ann Creadon, Heather Gough, Katia Karadjova, Robert Keever, Lucy Kerhoulas, Mike Le, Jen Maguire, Monty Mola, Cindy Moyer, Ara Pachmayer, Linda Parker, Mark Rizzardi, Jennifer Tarlton, Marshelle Thobaben, Mary Vinoche, James Woglom and Noah Zerbe.

Jana L. Kirk-Levine, Eureka

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