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It Takes a Village



Thanks to Thadeus Greenson for the excellent article on our company ResolutionCare ("Woo-Woo and the Hammer," Jan. 17).

One point that perhaps got lost in translation is that the team we work with extends well beyond our company. We are not a lonely ragged band of heroes delivering care where none dare to tread. We work intimately with all the social service agencies and healthcare providers in the counties we serve. We could not do this work without that collaboration.

Despite the severe lack of healthcare providers in Northern California, we have some really incredible organizations and people working to improve the health and quality of life in our service areas. We understand we are just one more piece of that complex puzzle.

So, on behalf of our team, thank you again for highlighting ResolutionCare and forgive us for insisting the light shine wider than our one small company.

Lauri Rose, Bridgeville

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