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It Won't Stop Them



Do we need any more traffic signals in Eureka? ("Big Changes Considered for 101 Through Eureka," posted Feb. 24.) Drivers don't stop for them anyway. Sit at any red light on any street facing Broadway and watch how many vehicles don't stop when the lights turn yellow and red. There will be between two and five drivers every time.

Rather than spending millions of dollars on traffic lights and infrastructure projects that help developers line their pockets, why don't we spend the money on fixing potholes and street repair? Eureka has more potholes per capita than any town I've been in.

The entire lengths of 14th, Third, First, Washington, Commercial, Railroad, Del Norte, McCullen and much of Sixth, Seventh, E, F, H, Henderson, Buhne and Harris streets (as well as many others) are so bad they are damaging cars.

It's time to take care of the assets (people and property) Eureka has.

Karen Sanderson, Eureka

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