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It's China's Fault



A couple of issues ago you had an article regarding the absence of CRV recycling in wide areas of California ("Taxed," Jan. 28). I thought the writer did a pretty good job bring up the issues surrounding the problem. The writer mentioned but did not elaborate on the primary aspects of the problem. The problem is not with local redemption centers, they're between a rock and a hard place, nor with CalRecycle, they're bureaucrats taking their lead from the Legislature. The Democratic-controlled Legislature will never move swiftly to fix a problem as long as the problem generates money for the government. Our "deposits" have become a tax. The other half of the problem is the collapsing value of the materials; glass, plastic and aluminum. Who controls this market? The Chinese Communist Party. The CCP is not our friend. They'll do anything and everything they can to harm and monkey wrench us. Recyclables are just one blatant example.

 On another note as I pen this letter on Thursday evening, I read in The Hill that the Johnson & Johnson company has applied to the FDA for emergency use authorization for its COVID-19 vaccine. The FDA says it will probably meet in the next two weeks. Why not tomorrow? While the Biden Administration dithers people die.

Bill Connors, Eureka

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