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It's Science



I feel it's worth correcting at least one statement that Cortez wrote to the NCJ (Mailbox, Feb. 13) and I quote, "But if one says there are two biological sexes according to science, they are mocked and called silly names." He compares the public response to the science of climate change to this.

Please, Mr. Cortez, know that science has known there are more than two sexes for decades and some cultures have known for many centuries. It is not science that is in the dark ages, but the general public. There are not two sides to this but one reality based on science, just as climate change is based on science. Please read from scientific journals about babies born with ambiguous genitalia that can indicate both male and female sex. And share with your friends so the 40 percent of Humboldt you refer to ceases from passing on ignorant information.

Pamela Ann Brown, Arcata

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