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Kids and Guns



I have two grandsons age 12 and 13. Both go to school here in Eureka. I have spoken to both and some of their friends, regarding feeling safe at school. Some have hunted for wild game and some have not. They are all aware people kill, not guns. (Put a gun by a tree and see if you get a deer.) They have said, to the boy, bad guys will have guns just the honest people won't. Honest people would like to have a chance to defend themselves if needed. You will never get rid of all guns in America. If some person has a mental problem and wants to make a "name" for themselves, they could always use a car to kill children or bomb (did everyone forget the daycare?). Cars have ran into McDonalds and Colonel Sanders, just to name two places. In fact, people have been shot and cars used, to kill at movies, in church, in malls, on the sidewalk and in parks. No country is insulated from school killings, why do we feel so entitled? Do you really believe America has no bad people? Look at the numbers in prison, that didn't live by our laws. Adults, take responsibility for your children and the guns in your home.

Carol Rose, Eureka


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