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Kudos to KHSU



I have been confused and even a little mystified by the long-ongoing coverage of the Josiah Lawson murder investigation ("Languishing or Progressing?" April 19).  Many of my questions were answered by two items on KHSU's web page. 

The first is "13 of the Claims Made about Arcata's Investigation in the Lawson Homicide" (NCJ Daily, April 19).  This is a partial listing of the items in the civil claim made by Charmaine Lawson against the city of Arcata. The second is "Former FBI Officials Speaks out on Lawson Case" ("Retired FBI Agent: Lawson's Murder Can and Should Be Solved," posted online April 16). This is an interview primarily with Tom Parker, the retired FBI official who was contracted to help with the investigation. Shelley Mack, Charmaine Lawson's attorney also contributes, and KHSU's Lorna Bryant does an excellent job of conducting the interviews. Parker's manner is calm, his remarks are judicious and the story he tells of the investigation is illuminating, to say the least. Go to www.KHSU.org to the bottom of the home page. Click on page two listed there and both the article and the interview will be on the second page.

If you just want to know "what the hell is going on?" these two items will explain a whole lot.

David Callow, Glendale


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