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Losing Brandon

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As I write this I am alternating between rage and despair ("Teen Stabbing Suspect to Be Tried as Juvenile Under Bill Signed by Brown," posted online Oct. 14). Brandon Brocious had two sets of parents and he loved all his family dearly. His parents did a very good job of guiding him as he grew. Respect, boundaries and a very loving heart. He was a boy who anyone could simply choose to love. Our family was adopted by him a long time ago.

In the mix of all the boys that lived here there was a little girl. She is now 12 and I am very worried about her. Brandon was another big brother to her and his death has shaken the world as she knew it. When I told her what happened to Brandon, she began shaking and her eyes were streaming with tears. When she could talk, she kind of yelled, "How could God let those horrible people be here on Earth? Why would God let them hurt Brandon when he is so sweet and good?" Later she said, "I can't even go to his funeral because I can't think about crying." I said, "That's OK. He would understand."

Later she said she couldn't go to school because she was just too ill and called me to come over. Seeing her only broke my heart more. On the wall above her bed, she has a picture of her brother Marcus who was in the wind two years ago at age 18. Then she has her grandmother who she lost six months after Marcus. It hurts so much because she has Brandon's picture so that she can turn and see him before she goes to sleep. I said, 'Oh, baby. You need to put that picture away until you feel better. He is gone now.' She reached and touched her little heart and said, 'He is right here with me. I know he watches over me and I am glad I can look up and see him smiling down.'

Roxie Ficken, Eureka


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