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'Ludicrous' Speed



Over a week ago I spoke before the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, expressing my concerns over the county's "hurry up" handling of the proposed Terra-Gen wind farm project to be located on Monument and Bear River ridges, south of Scotia (Mailbox, Oct. 31).

The county has allowed Terra-Gen to take several shortcuts on this proposed project, including skipping the standard two-year environmental study, to mention only one. Now the planning department has announced that the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) will be published on Nov. 4, leaving only three days for the public to read and understand this lengthy document before the public meeting slated to be on Nov. 7. This is ludicrous! This is another attempt to cut the public out of the review process. Sixty days will be needed for the average individual to read and comprehend this enormous document, much less discuss it coherently.

Planning department needs to allow a 60-day review period after publication of the FEIR, with no public meetings or workshops in the interim. This ill-conceived wind farm proposal has been riddled with problems from the start. I think the Humboldt County Planning Commission needs to pronounce it dead and move on to more viable projects, such as offshore wind generation, which does not have many of the problems associated with land-based windmills.

Rick Pelren, Fortuna

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