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It was with some dismay I read through your cover story "Overwhelmingly White" (Jan. 10), describing the hurdles faced in organizing the Women's March this year.

The original march, put on by "a group (of us) who had spent entire lives fighting for human rights ... to protest an administration that debased and acted against a broad arc of important cultural groups: indigenous peoples, people of color, the handicapped, the LGBT community, those defending the environment, and women as a whole." Legit.

It is no surprise there would be difficulties to further the collaboration. We are human, we all want to be heard and not herded like simple animals. But to boycott such a broad intentioned, visible and powerful march because an event you promoted there didn't do well (Try harder!) or you felt your group was under represented (Step up! The organizers are not perfect but they are inclusive) or that some of the marchers were shallow in their dedication (lead by example and encourage depth) is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It is so important to hold all of these issues up for improvement but they all carry a common element. Keeping that foundation, and our participation, is paramount to all of our struggles.

Our current president has a specific task: to distract, to incense, to divide. Therein his ilk gain and hold to power. Do not buy into it, fine-tune your passion and fit it into this bigger effort our community can rally to. Don't fade now, Eureka needs you.

Christopher Boyle, Eureka

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