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Measure K



I will be voting for Measure K, the sanctuary Humboldt initiative.

Measure K will not stop law enforcement officers from arresting anyone, of any nationality, whom they reasonably suspect of disobeying the law.

Measure K will not cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. That estimate by a county staff person has been shown to be wrong. The sheriff and the probation department would be required to file a report on instances when they contacted ICE. For probation, the cost would be at most $2,500 and for the sheriff likely the same.

Passage of Measure K would assure immigrants that they can visit our courts, medical facilities and schools knowing that county law enforcement officers they may encounter are there to protect all law-abiding people. Passage of Measure K will demonstrate that Humboldt County cares about keeping families together, and about protecting the human rights of everyone living here.

Margaret Shaffer, Arcata


Being logical, would a criminal be safer in a sanctuary county or not in a sanctuary county?

According to the SW Border Patrol, these 2018 year-to-date seizures account for about 20 percent of the total that's crossing our border illegally and could make it to Humboldt. Once here, it's up to ICE.

People: 355,106 border apprehensions (includes families and unaccompanied children).

Drugs: 6,423 pounds of cocaine; 532 pounds of heroin; 439,531 pounds of cannabis; 10,382 pounds of meth; 332 pounds of fentanyl.

Gang apprehensions: 728.

Additionally, in 2017, non-citizen women had children in the U.S. at a cost of $5.4 billion to the taxpayer. 

Yet, Measure K advocates say that Measure K will make our county safer and save money. Much more info and data can be seen at https://www.cbp.gov 

With invading thousands marching toward our border, sanctuary counties will be a planned prime destination. 

Vote no on Measure K!

Rick Brennan, Eureka


Concerned taxpayers should consider two things about Measure K. First, it prevents our tax money from being used to do ICE's job by holding people in our jail for questioning or deportation. Second, it allows undocumented parents facing deportation to appoint extended family members or others to take in their U.S. born (citizen) children, enabling them to continue their education.

If Measure K fails, those children will continue to be put into our beleaguered foster care system or into government "facilities" at far greater taxpayer expense. Vote yes on Measure K to protect our tax money for truly local use.

Margaret Dickinson, Eureka

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