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'Miserly, not Stupid'



I have been described as frugal. Miserly is likely more accurate. Despite those inclinations, I will reluctantly support a Eureka sales tax extension/increase on the November ballot ("'Greatly Needed,'" July 30). It's obvious to anyone sentient that city revenues have been slammed due to you know what. If you want city services, emergency personnel, and some semblance of street repair, I believe the proposal is worthy of support. Groceries and medicine are not taxable items, so if you spent $300 a month elsewhere, it would cost you about what a large plain coffee at Starbucks costs.

I'm miserly, not stupid. Did you know Eureka has one of the highest crime rates in the U.S. for all size cities. Sixty-five per 1,000 residents, or 1 in 15, experiencing property or violent crime. Shocking. Let's starve adequate revenue for city services including emergency personnel, and while we're at it Einstein, let's defund the police.


John Dillon, Eureka

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