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I found Laurie Rose's letter (Mailbox, Sept. 22) in response to mine, very curious. She seems to understand that the COVID vaccines do not reliably stop transmission of the virus, which was the point of my letter. So why did she call my letter "misinformation?"

She appears to have read quite a lot into my brief letter. When I point out that officials admitted, updated, if you will, their message regarding the vaccines, she claims that I imply we were formerly lied to. That is her interpretation, not my statement.

As to my statement "it is disturbing," that referred to Terry Torgerson's message in his cartoon, promoting the erroneous idea that the vaccines "stop the spread."

I did find Ms. Rose's letter disturbing in one aspect. She claims, "From almost the beginning, scientists, epidemiologists and other health professionals let us know the vaccines would not necessarily prevent you from getting the virus." While there were those who pointed this out early on, they were largely ignored, and even derided and censored. The COVID narrative that we were sold, told us the vaccines were: "Absolutely Safe. Absolutely Effective." By effective, we were told they would prevent infection and stop the pandemic. This expectation was promulgated in the largest PR campaign in human history. It took a long time before a more nuanced view of the vaccines entered the narrative. To claim otherwise is to rewrite history.

Amy Gustin, Ettersburg

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