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'More Progress to be Made'



I went to the Community Town Hall in Eureka on Feb. 21 that Representative Jared Huffman and state Assemblymember Jim Wood hosted and thought it was great ("Huff to Trump: 'We'll See You in Court,'" posted Feb. 15.)

The attendance was a little lower than I expected but still good. Of course, it's a good deal different than when I last saw Huffman in Arcata ... the turnout was so great they had to change to a larger venue and it became standing room only. That was shortly after Trump was installed as president and huge numbers of people were suffering the shock. Huffman even remarked how it's different this time around, even "fun" being in the majority. Wood declared the power shift in California was beyond a "super majority" and didn't even know what to call it. I sincerely hope people don't get too comfortable ... there is so much more progress to be made!

The event lasted about an hour and a half but the range of topics covered was broad. And with the two men there, it was a nice collaboration of state and federal responses to questions, with clarification on some issues regarding health care and the government shutdown.

My only disappointment was that, as I surveyed the audience, I did not see one black person in attendance. This was an informative, open forum ... I don't get it.

Kathryn Travers, Eureka

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