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Needs Investigating

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Just the other day I ventured out to my garage to admire my amazing collection of CRV aluminum cans and bottles. I enjoy beer and my wife likes Perrier, so I have amassed quite a collection in the past six months. I estimate that I have paid approximately $80 in "deposits" for this collection ("CRV Buybacks Causing Backups on Broadway," posted Sept. 2).

Now I read in the newspaper that the state of California cannot/will not repay people for this "deposit" fee.

If that is the case, why are the stores still charging 5 cents for every aluminum can and 10 cents for every CRV bottle?

It would appear that millions of dollars are going somewhere — but where?

Something is wrong here.

It seems as if this might be something that the NCJ might want to investigate

Bill Morris, Eureka


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