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No on K!

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Measure K markedly lowers the safety for our law enforcement, citizens, family members and friends and creates dangerous situations for county officials and ICE in removing illegals/criminals. How many more citizens need to be victimized before we say enough?

Our own Sheriff Honsal stated a need to keep "serious and violent" felons out of the county. Most of the drugs that have entered the county, he said, have arrived from Mexico. "I want these (drug dealers) deported," he said. "This ordinance is taking away these tools that I have" and need.

Don't fall for the "breaking up families" spiel; that happens when families knowingly cross our borders illegally. What K does do is provide a "safe house" for criminals/illegals. This measure is backed and created by the no ICE, no borders, no U.S. gang. 

Vote no on Measure K to save our county.

Rick Brennan, Eureka


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