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'Not a Friend'



As we have witnessed for many years, HSU is not a friend to our community ("A Potential Tipping Point," Aug. 20).  They have changed the entire theme of their university to Southern California, they have built buildings that destroy our forests, they have canceled our local radio station (firing many of our residents) and now they have unilaterally declared their campus "open for business" against the advice and request of our county health officer.  

What does this tell us? The Bottom Line is directing this president not the welfare of his students, nor his staff and most definitely not the community.  

What can we, as residents, do?  We can take action! We can protest loudly! Other communities are doing so! Carolina just closed its university because they had a horrendous break out of COVID-19.

This will affect all of us! Join me in protesting this action! Write emails to President Jackson. Write to our public health department and write to Gov. Gavin Newsom!  

Ginni Hassrick, Eureka

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