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Not My Wall

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The debate Tuesday between Trump, Pelosi and Schumer shows why election by majority vote rather than electoral college is so important. Trump continually tries to defend his positions by saying, "It's what the American people want," but no, it's demonstrably not what the American people want, for most of the American people didn't even want him to be president, let alone to enact the policies he promoted (Mailbox, Nov. 19). 

He can't factually make that appeal, which is imperative for his decisions to hang on — to do the will of the American people. Our government is to be for and by the people, not for and by an electoral college. Do you ever think any president could justify a policy by saying it was the will of the electoral college and so that should take priority over the will of the people? No, nor should they, for that is not the spirit of a democracy. It is the spirit of elitism at its worst. The American people do not want your wall, we proved that when most of the American people voted to say we do not want you.

So stop fighting for a wall that most of us don't want. Don't you dare blame your decision to shutdown the government on us, the American people.

Dawson Darling, McKinleyville


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