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Mr. Stiles letter to the Editor 'Privilege on Display' (Mailbox, July 30) confused me. I thought I knew what white privilege looked like. The Larsons are walking and biking all over Humboldt County. leaving a small climate footprint. They shop at a local cooperative market and used to exercise at a gym. I never thought of those activities as white privilege. They found a way to cope with the pandemic took amazing photos of their adventures and shared them. 

Now, if the NCJ cover story had shown a photo of them in their convertible BMW parked in front of a closed to dining Larrupin' restaurant and printed an article with them complaining that they can't travel to SF to shop, had their European summer vacation cancelled, and cannot host dinner parties at their second home in Hawaii, I could understand "white privilege on display on the front page."

I do not know the Larsons. Not everyone here is living on the edge: becoming homeless or having food insecurity. Those of us who aren't on that edge give monetary donations to or volunteer at organizations that help others in our community who are struggling. I may be wrong, but I have a feeling that the Larsons give back to their community. 

I get calling out Ivanka Trump or Kim Kardashian for wearing outfits that cost thousands. I don't get calling out the Larsons for what they are doing. It does not cost anything to walk, they are staying active and their actions are not contributing to climate change. I did not think your article was "highly offensive." Relative to what is happening in our country at the moment, a couple taking a walk in the woods is not disturbing even if they are white.

Nancy Corral, Eureka

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