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'Not True'



Concerning the letter from Rick Brennan, of Eureka, (Mailbox, March 28) I was saddened at the level of venom that was in Mr. Brennan's letter. I follow the news pretty carefully and, although I read that Congresswoman Omar had called out the America Israeli Public Affairs Committee for the level of influence it has on the U.S. government, I could not remember anything about her denying Israel's right to exist. I searched for that but found only that she had found the level of influence that AIPAC has to be troubling. I can find nothing indicating that she denies Israel's right to exist.

Same thing for Congresswoman Tlaib; She does support boycott, divestment and sanctions, or B.D.S., because of the apartheid conditions affecting the Palestinians in Israel, but not refusing the right of Israel to exist.

Mr. Brennan's comments about the Green New Deal are also not true. This movement will shift the focus of government subsidies from the coal and gas industries to renewable sources of energy. Change is upon us, whether we like it or not. Climate change is real and the poor and the rest of us in the 99 percent will be the ones to suffer the most.

As for his remarks about the New York and Virginia legislatures' bills on late-term abortions, they are also not accurate. The bills are there for the direst need, not for women to skip into the abortion clinic at eight months pregnant because they changed their mind.

I wonder if Mr. Brennan would have said these things if Trump was not empowering this kind of hate. I personally want to consider all sides of an issue but the level of insecurity and fear that would cause someone to not look beyond sources that already agree with them is dumb.

Michael Tout, Eureka

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