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Other Losses



I've noticed most of the articles on the closing of KHSU use the football team as an example of the university's rampant program cuts ("Good Night and Good Luck," April 18). I'd like to add HSU's International English Language Institute (IELI) — closed in July of 2018 — to the list of programs gone but not forgotten.

HSU's IELI had been around more than 20 years when I came to the university in 2007 as a graduate student in English. As part of my teaching practicum, I worked with IELI students from Chile, Turkey, Russia and Korea, just to name a few.

The effects of the IELI weren't limited to the campus. Many students came and lived with host families in the area. Programs and presentations further facilitated cultural exchange with the community.

International programs have lately taken a hit across the country but the CSU system has managed to maintain most of its international English language programs. Many of them are even growing. HSU is unique in its disestablishment of this program. Football and radio are not the only things our community has recently lost. Just wanted to point that out, while we were on the subject.

Jonathan Maiullo, Arcata

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