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'Our Wantonly Ways'



The mega offshore floating wind turbine experiment is a colossal gamble (Mailbox, May 2). Environmentally it contributes little to zero good outcomes; actually creating more of a negative impact from what I am learning. The ocean is full of life, home to so many life forms that we probably can't even conceive.

We need to quit making nature pay for all of our wantonly ways.

If the Earth flag had been flown years ago maybe we'd all be better off. Maybe wars would be a thing of the past. Maybe there would be respect for all life. Capitalism and nationalism killed any chance of that.

As to our country's history of honoring treaties, it is horrible, especially as regards Native Americans! But Putin needs no provocation ... he is delusional and power crazed.

It was a real pleasure reading Karen Shepherd's letter and Greg King's very informative piece. Thank you so much!

Kathryn Travers, Eureka

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