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Overwhelmingly PC?

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An atmosphere has been created by the people who cancelled the Women's March of having to prove your PC perfection or don't you dare march. They are the PC Police and they have turned a march that was a high for all involved for the past two years into a battle with the only issues with validity being those defined by them.

Meanwhile, they met for over four months, did virtually no public outreach and then two weeks before the march called it off because after four months they suddenly realized they were all white and thus not qualified to organize the march. They then got people to support them by labeling Linda Atkins' march as The White Women's March. They have no knowledge of what Atkins is doing or who she is working with but that didn't stop them from a smear campaign.

They want to own and define any women's march that happens here. If every single entity in need of support is not widely supported, then the march is not valid. That the march is called a WOMEN'S march is lost. What if Black Lives Matter had a march and did not fully represent Native Americans, LGBTQ, Hispanics, etc.? Should they be boycotted?

Apparently so. The divisiveness that has been created is shameful and destructive. We don't need PC Police, we just need hearts and need to get together and march on the 19th and not be intimidated. Dare to be less than perfect. 

Sylvia De Rooy, Indianola


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