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Power of Wind



Fossil fuels have led to unsustainable cost volatility, and the current surge in fuel prices continues to impact prosperity, affect consumer pricing and remains a burden, which is difficult for both households and businesses to bear. By 2050, the energy needs of California are expected to more than double. Strategic electrification, and accompanying efforts to decarbonize, will be necessary for halting climate change and for achieving the state's rigorous and legislated climate goals.

Offshore wind delivers clean power and can be a catalyst for energy independence (NCJ Daily, June 2). Roaming blackouts and safety shutoffs will only worsen. New energy projects such as offshore wind have also proven to be a major economic driver, and can create thousands of jobs, as well as ample financial opportunity for entrepreneurs, local trades and businesses.

At a significant distance off our coast (Humboldt's call area is 21 miles from the shore), even the largest of wind turbines would appear mere inches in height, or one-200th their actual size. Economic advancement and environmental stewardship can and should coexist. Especially for projects which are so vital for the protection and preservation of our natural resources, the planet and its inhabitants. 

Scott Adair, Fortuna

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