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Praising Torg



We have been meaning for a long time to express our admiration and enjoyment of Terry Torgerson's cartoons. They are clever, expressive, appealing, as well as very amusing works of art.

However, last week's (Feb. 3) cartoon of the burly lumberjack singing "Poly Wolly Doodle all the Day" caused us to go into hysterics, and we finally had to write a letter of commendation. The cartoon the previous week with the little wave telling the big wave that it could not decide whether it wanted to become a tsunami or a sneaker wave when it grew up, and the expression of dismay on the face of the big wave, also prompted us to write a letter of appreciation. However, the lumberjack finally pushed us to do it.

Besides, it is time that somebody showed appreciation for his excellent and delightful work.

Thank you, Mr. Torgerson!

Virginia Waters, Trinidad

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