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'Publicize These Statistics'



In reading Thadeus Greenson's  COVID surge article in yesterday's NCJ (NCJ Daily, Sept. 9), I note that he too found the startling statistic that the county keeps semi-hidden deep in its records:

"Since the first confirmed breakthrough case in February, one fully vaccinated resident has died of COVID-19 while 45 unvaccinated residents have died from the virus. The same time span has seen 31 fully vaccinated residents hospitalized with COVID-19 compared to 197 unvaccinated residents."

Why the county does not publicize these statistics puzzles me.

These numbers need to be widely publicized if the unvaccinated are to be convinced to get the shot. I suggest a banner headline every week, if not on the front page at least on the page with the COVID coverage, with these (or the updated, current) statistics might just reduce some of the vaccine reluctance, thus getting us all a little closer to the end of this disastrous pandemic.

Tom Cockle, McKinleyville

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