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Scout's Honor?

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When Steve Madrone first announced his candidacy for the Fifth District, his listed accomplishments stated he had been a "candidate" for Eagle Scout. Red flag for me. Later it was clarified he was an Eagle Scout.

The Orange County Council of the Boy Scouts of America informed me they don't keep records locally dating back to the 1960s and referred me to the national office in Texas [(972) 580-2489]. I spoke with Texas twice last week and they show no record of a Stephen Michael Brewer (legal name at that time) having received an Eagle Badge in the 1960s. Nationwide, there was a Stephen R. Brewer in 1967 from a Troop 23 and a Stephen J. Brewer in 1968 from a Troop 99.

 I spoke to Mr. Madrone Sunday, he felt this was odd and said he would have to look into it. He also couldn't remember his troop number (another red flag).

Steve Dale, McKinleyville



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