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'Serious Consideration'



I appreciated Elaine Weinreb's very thorough reporting titled "McKinleyville Inc.?" in the June 22, 2023, edition. It seems a lot to make incorporation a reality, and it almost seems insurmountable. I had attended a few McKinleyville Advisory Committee meetings or McKinleyville Service District meetings remotely, with interest in the downtown area community development. The serious consideration of city incorporation followed, and I credit people for bringing that important discussion back to the table for consideration.

 When I look at a tiny town like Trinidad, I think how people had the foresight to incorporate long ago.

There certainly was more potential to gain the tourist dollar than McKinleyville in the '90s when some town citizens thought it would happen. It seems remarkable what Trinidad, a town of less than 350 people has accomplished. They have a strong sense of community, manage to fill their city council with dedicated town citizens, and keep finding volunteers for their many events that draw people to Trinidad. Neither Trinidad nor Arcata offered enough inspiration for McKinleyville to incorporate. Longtime residents tell me the number one reason was not receiving sufficient sales tax.

As dangerous as it seemed, many of us had a wonderful time walking in the evening along Central Avenue for Corks, Forks & Kegs in McKinleyville in September of last year. The chamber sponsored so much more, too.

Should McKinleyville at least accomplish creating a downtown area to walk and shop in, maybe that will be enough in the near future. If that can happen almost the same time as incorporation, that would be all the better for the community of McKinleyville.

 Lawrence Gray, McKinleyville

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