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Setting the Record Straight



I am correcting and expanding upon a correction you made for the Oct. 10 NCJ. This is concerning the story "Journalism at Three Arcata High Schools" published in your Oct. 3 edition.

It is really important to note the following:

EHS journalism teacher Philip Preston Middlemiss started the Journalism Club in 2013. He invited me to co-advise. When he retired, I continued through 2017, at which time I recruited Susan Seaman to be the new adviser because my other professional duties made it impossible for me to devote the time needed as adviser.

Contrary to the information contained in your NCJ story, students did revive the newspaper and did so in 2013, first online and then as a print edition from October of 2016 through June of 2017. It was in print almost every month during these years.

The newspaper name was changed from Redwood Bark to EHS Bark due to another publication out of the area that had launched a Redwood Bark. You can pick up our archived EHS Bark copies at EHS and, believe it or not, we're still on Facebook. And, I just discovered, our website is still online, as well. Both are comparable to museum exhibits now with precious artifacts. But they are important reminders of the revival of a publication integral to our student voices.

Yes, we met as a club during lunch once a week, but that was only a fraction of the commitment everyone had. These students went into the field to pursue stories and take photos. They worked on layout and editing. They distributed print copies throughout the school and in the community.

Hey, this is journalism, and getting an actual journalism class back at EHS, well, imagine the possibilities.

Wendy Butler, Eureka

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