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Setting the Record Straight

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Regarding David Holper's Feb. 9 letter to the editor, he states, among other inaccuracies, about Rex Bohn: "How about someone who has repeatedly said that he built Redwood Fields in Cutten, even when that story isn't really true (it was former Supervisor Stan Dixon who did that, by the way)."

This statement is totally inaccurate. In numerous meetings with Louisiana Pacific, negotiating the donation of the land, Rex convinced Louisiana Pacific to make the donation, and no one else. Anyone who was involved in the project knows, Rex was responsible almost single handedly for getting the field built.

Rex pushed, cajoled, and convinced local businesses to donate money and services to build the field. Ask anyone from Mercer Frazer, Eureka Ready Mix, RAO Construction, O&M Industries, Maples Plumbing, John Peterson Construction, Humboldt Builders Exchange and over 500 individuals who contributed. Rex says "I did not build the field, the community did." While that is true, it was Rex who was almost single handedly responsible for mobilizing the community effort and, without Rex, I don't believe we would have this beautiful facility.

While I remember many of the good things Stan Dixon did, Redwood Fields was not one of them. Thanks Rex, for your vision of building the Redwood Fields and your timeless effort as County Supervisor.

Mike Finley, Eureka


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