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In October of 2019, the State of California enacted Senate Bill 313, a circus ban preventing wild animals such as tigers, lions, elephants, bears and monkeys from being used in circuses. However, this law did not ban the use and abuse of these same animals for publicity stunts and other inhumane "acts" for human amusement. 

This week, Tag (a Kodiak bear) was "hired" by John Cox for a publicity stunt in Sacramento. [Mr. Cox is a governor candidate trying to replace Newsom (Democrats Have Newsom's Back as Recall Campaign Ramps Up," posted March 17).] In 2012, Tag was born in captivity at a private zoo in Ohio. He has been used for movies and is now being used as a side show for a desperate man. This past Tuesday, Tag was placed on hot asphalt with a thin, inadequate hot wire separating him from the human audience during a publicity stunt in Sacramento. He was thrown chicken and other items to munch on while Cox spoke. 

Mr. Cox plans to continue to drag Tag around the state for attention. Cox's plans include a visit to The French Laundry in Yountville this week. I seriously doubt he has obtained the proper permits for this or any event. Also, that wire will not contain an agitated bear. This is a threat to public safety and the safety of Tag, the bear. 

Is this how we treat animals in California? This is animal abuse. This is shameful. This must be stopped. 

Mara Parker, Trinidad

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